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Children's Program
Kids martial arts classes in Essex County

Master Shin's World Class Martial Arts teaches kids success skills for LIFE!

Our childer's program has been disgned to help your child to achieve greater success in all areas of their life.  We accomplish this by providing training designed to enhance your child's physical, mental and social development.

In a typical forty five minute class students will participate in a series of drills and skills that work on their strenght, flexibility and endurance.  They will alsoincrease their cooedination, reflexes, and athletic skills.  Best of all, they will love the excitement of learning punches, kicks, forms, self-defense techniques, take down, ground control, and submission.  No two classes are ever exact alike, and your child will look forward to each class and to spending time with their friendly classmates and instructors.  Our World Class staff are expert at motivating children and know how to motivate them to give their best effort while still keeping classes fun.
Kids Demo
Martial Arts id also great way to teach your child valuable character traits such as....
Courtesy, respect, cooperation, commitment, persevrance.  The journey to Black Belt will challenge them to set and achieve goals and their self esteem and their self confidence will grow as a result.

Parents and teachers also notice the positive effect learning Martial Arts has on a students success in school.  As your child increasees their ability to focus, block out distractions, and stay on task they will become more efficient at homework and gain a longer attention span for learning any topic.

At Master Shin's, your child will learn:
Better focus and concentration skills
To treat others with courtesy and respect
Self-control and cooperation
Coordination and the benefits of exercise and physical fitness
How to set and achieve goals
Peserverance and not giving up when faces with challenges


We offer a flexible class schedule of after school and weekend classes

Master Shin's Demo Team

If this sould like a good match for your child, register for intro special program with free uniform

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Intro Special $49/2 Weeks with Free Uniform  New Students Only!


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